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WonderCover promotes group gaming on tablets. With our accessory, you can hide your game from other players to play digital games like cards, dominoes or quiz games with your family and friends.

Works together with our exclusive mobile games and apps.

No wi-fi / 3G / 4G required after App download.

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Party and travel games on your tablet.

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Discover our classic games,… with a twist.

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Great Gift! Just offered a WonderCover to my sister and she simlpy loved it!

Thomas Baasch

Now my kids spend their time playing together, challenging each other, and I love to play with them as well.

David Ferreira

What a great party game! Took it to a party at a friend’s and we spent all night playing President. I won most of the rounds,… obviously.

Ângela Rodrigues

The healthier way to play on a tablet.

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Train your brain.

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