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Great party game to play with your friends.
Ask them for cards, your goal is to gather books of 4 equal cards.
Pay atention to the special cards that will boost your score.
Be smart, have fun!
go fish go frog wondercover
Do you remember Go Fish? Gathering books of 4 cards, asking for them from other players? Now it's GoFrog with great new features! The same rules but a whole new exciting gameplay!

Train your memory and attention abilities and rely on the Frog's help to win this challenge. The one with the most points wins and to get points you have to make the fish for the maximum number of four of a kinds. Bring your friends along and have fun with the greedy Frog.

Ages: +5
Required skills: Focus, Memory, Strategy.
Play like a pro! GoFrog includes on-the-go tutorials and hints for each player.

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