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Group Domino games in the most innovative game system!
A great family and friends game for 2, 3 or 4 players.

Play the classic domino games on your tablet: Block, Draw, Threes & Fives, Threes, Fives

Main features:

• Single Player: Play against virtual players
• Multiplayer LOCAL: Play locally with your friends using WonderCover®*
• Games for all ages, perfect to develop skills such as concentration, strategy, memory and team spirit, and above all, made to bring people together.
• Tutorials and independent hints available to each player;
• Choose your favorite theme:

Classic Theme
Enjoy classic tiles on a minimalistic black/white environment

Colorful tiles and design

Match the animals, great for kids

Play with chalk drawn tiles on a blackboard

Play with dark tiles on a minimalist environment

Play with our special designed tiles

Play on a space like environment 

wondercover domino

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